Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creeping its way into every domain of our lives and businesses. Harnessing the power of machine learning, we can revolutionise the approach normally undertaken in transforming data into valuable insights for executable actions. By transforming companies into data-driven & proactive organisations, we enable said organisations to (1) recommend personalised products & content to customers, (2) forecast product demand, resource needs, financial performance or outcomes given past inputs, and (3) rectify potentially dangerous circumstances and automate time-consuming operations.

Our solutions are carefully and painstakingly intertwined with the pre-trained AI services provided by Amazon Web Services and one other leading partner. These services use the same deep learning technology that powers and many major sites, and by working with us, you too can stand to benefit from the quality and accuracy provided by their continuously-learning APIs. A key point that distinguishes us from our competitors is that our solution does not require you to be a machine learning expert. Once you migrate the necessary data onto our platform, the AI services are ready and available for use. We will work with you to identify an appropriate machine learning model/algorithm (be it pre-built or building from scratch), process the data through the APIs, and the results will be stored in our platform for further use.

Our Business Solutioning Capability + The Smart Tools = Great Result


Warner SIVA

We worked with Sintellisys for our online marketing needs. Sintellisys skyrocketed our web traffic, conversion and revenue. It was just unbelievable!

Jackson Maine

Warner Bros

They are the Indiana Jones of the digital marketing industry.. when all seems lost, they come in and save you. The right team for conversion optimisation for businesses. CALL THEM & LEARN WHY.

Lana Dela Cruz

L4L Org.

Hired them for consulting and research work and then ended up doing a lot more like redoing my client’s digital strategy. Trustworthy team and really value for money.



They understand marketing. We thought we can just buy advertising in FB and Google but they told us that traffic is not everything.

Stefani Polansky

Carter Group